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Obvious Child - Film review [Spoilers]

OBVIOUS CHILD (2014) - Movie Poster by Alex Kittle aka guiltycubicle on Etsy:

So, I have this thing that I do. I go to the library and just roam around the shelves. I then pick out random things that catch my eye - movies, books, comics, albums - and when the pile of things is significantly big (by this I mean that I cannot carry more stuff) I check them out and then, later regret it when I have too many things to utilize and not nearly enough time. But somehow, the cycle ALWAYS repeats itself. It's one of those quirks that drives my poor mother up the wall.

Today, I picked up a DVD called "Obvious Child" because I liked the cover design and found the title funny. I kid you not. I also have this hobby where I take out Rom-Com movies and see it. I then, tell my best friend (who is the biggest romantic I know) how bad it was. The hot male leads don't hurt either. The reason I'm writing an entire article about a movie that belongs to a genre I'm not too fond of? This movie surprised me.

Donna Stern is a stand up comedian who works in an indie bookstore. She jokes about her ridiculous sex life and her love life. She is the epitome of a modern women. She then finds out that her boyfriend has been sleeping with a very good friend of her and that he's now leaving Donna for her.

Donna is obviously devastated. She thought that this was the love of her life. Her father is sympathetic, her mother, not so much. Then after getting ridiculously drunk, Donna has a one night stand with a stranger she meets at the bar she does her stand up regularly. This guy, Max, is not exactly Donna's type. She thinks no more of the situation and believes that she'll never see him again.

Then, a few weeks later, Donna finds out that she's pregnant. She's absolutely sure that she's not ready to be a mother yet. So, she schedules an appointment for two weeks later to terminate her pregnancy. She doesn't tell her parents but is an emotional wreck over it. She then finds out that the bookstore is closing down and whilst she is helping with the packing, Max stumbles into the shop. 

Donna is awkward around him and brushes his advances off because she is reluctant to tell him that she is pregnant with his baby. But due to his persistence and Donna's frustration at her life, she goes out with him invites him over. But due to a really rude friend and Donna's reluctance to get involved with Max, she ends up hurting him and making him feel foolish.

Donna then realizes her mistake and then goes to her mother and tells her about her abortion plans. Her mother surprisingly, is very understanding and shares her own abortion story with Donna.

Donna then announces to Max that she is pregnant and that she doesn't want to keep the baby on her next stand up routine. Max, is shocked and storms out of the show. The next day, being Valentine's Day, Donna remarks at the irony of her situation to her friend who is accompanying her to the appointment. Max suddenly appears and asks to go with Donna instead. He supports her through he whole ordeal and then they go back home. The film closes on them watching Gone With the Wind on the couch with their hands entwined.

This movie was a romantic comedy. And trust me I have seen my share of movies where the female lead gets pregnant and then falls in love with the person who got her into the situation. Obvious Child is not like that. Most of the pregnancy-comedy movies don't even approach the topic of abortion, let alone make a movie about it. It is not even an option that the women might not be ready for the baby. Such is Planned Parenthood ostracized, even in Hollywood. 

This movie gave me hope, that it's okay to not want something you're not ready for. That a lot of women have abortions. That you're not a bad person because of it. My religion (like most religions) condemns abortion. But I never really had anything against the idea of Planned Parenthood. It's so much beneficial to women on the whole. It has opened up so many opportunities for us and gave us a new outlook on life. The fact that Donna goes through with the procedure without hesitation, is what makes this movie so amazing. She made her own decision and no one tries to dissuade her from it. Not even her possible love interest.


Zoe Summers

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