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Interview with an Artist - Pakhee Jha

I was introduced to Pakhee Jha a year ago by Foram. She messaged me this absolutely stunning portrait of Arya and Firnen from Eragon. It was so intricately done, I knew that I had to talk to this amazing person who managed to make Arya look...maternal, for lack of a better word. I then went on a delightful spree of exploring her other works all so conveniently on the Internet. I then began an interview with Pakhee - who in addition to having an excellent taste in music, also has an amazing taste in books - which spanned out for a year due to my genius in the art of procrastination. The interview which is finally concluded is a first in a series of interview (which will hopefully not take me a year) with artists of all creed. Now I'll shut up and let you read into the life of Pakhee Jha. 


Q: I don't really know you all that well, so if you had to do a brief introduction how would you do it?

A: I'm a 15 year old short girl, who also happens to be a ninja who is devoted to Green Day for life. I got Sirius Black back from the Underworld, and all I do is draw. That's basic.

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The Marauders - Pakhee Jha

Q.  From your artwork, it is obvious that you are influenced by books a lot. Harry Potter in particular. Can you tell us what moved you the most from the saga?

A.Sirius. Sirius Black

Q. Can you tell me a bit more on that?

A. Sure. Well see, Sirius and I have the same personality and that is one of the many reasons why I love him so much. In fact, he's someone I love the most after my family.

Q. Uh uh. I get you. Sirius Black has got to be the most amazing character written by J.K. Rowling. The way he kept himself sane for years in Azkaban and then dedicates his whole life to protecting his godson. And then he gets killed by the woman who's probably the most hated villain after Umbridge. Have you ever thought of drawing Bellatrix?

A. No.
I don't draw stuff that radiates pain and sorrow.
And, people love her. She's one of the most beloved villain (in the Harry Potter universe). Although, I HAVE written her name on pieces of paper and then ripped them up in the worst possible manner. Unfortunately, I can't really harm her because she's already dead.

Arya and Firnen - Pakhee Jha

Q: Let's talk about this. Did you always see Arya as dark haired? Any particular reason?

A. Well, I always saw Arya with jet black hair. as for the reason, well, she DOES have black hair for one, and apart from that I love black hair and I would probably see the most beautiful woman (and Arya is beautiful alright) with straight, long jet black hair.

Q. I agree, there is something extremely otherworldly-like  beautiful about black hair. Do you draw most of your subjects with black hair?

A. Well, no

It depends on what kind of a look a want them to have

Q. Like?

A. Like, a haughty or a cool look.

Inspired by myself, actually. Straight black hair falling around my face like an unkempt curtain gives a pretty cool/cocky look. But then that also suits only certain kinds of personalities
If I am going to  draw someone with a more innocent look, I'll go for lighter hair
Although if you look at people around you, then the black hair doesn't give them the kind of look I described at all; its perfectly normal.

Q. I know what you mean. I mean, I have black hair and I never manage to look cool or cocky. Do you think that the hair details are what define the outcome of the subject?

A. No, not really

Q. Then what do you think does? Any specific detail?

A. Facial expression and body language. Hair just kind of.... Changes the aura of the person.

Q. That's an interesting opinion. What facial expression do you enjoy drawing the most?

A. Arrogant and confident. AAHAHAHA

Q. Spoken like a badass heroine. And now let's talk about one of my favourites from your work. Is that James Potter?

Pakhee Jha

A. Holy moly, that's not James, that's not James at all!! It is not a particular person, even. Its just a man, slightly polished from the outside, although really he's nothing. Because, you know, you can polish and decorate a rock, but that doesn't change the fact that its really just a rock. You know what I mean?

Q. I guess. But it is still very beautiful. Let's talk about you now. I know for a fact, that you LOVE Green Day; and not that I need a reason (me being a fan myself) but is there a reason why?

A. Well there are plenty of reasons:

A) Their music rocks. ROCKS. And they're a punk band. Punk is pretty much the most liberal form of music, and I'm all about doing my own thing my own way, so I guess that kinda gets to me about their music
B) They're amazing people. They're amazingly original and they're not afraid of anyone. I love them.
C) I AM a punk. As in, not an emo or anything. I don't wear tattered clothes, I don't dye my hair and I hate make up. But those things are NOT what make you a punk; that's just a jazzy get up. You know you're a punk when you're not afraid of expressing your opinions and living your life completely your way. Green Day are those kind of honest, hardcore people. So yeah.

Q. I really like how you described that. A lo of people just go for the get up andd forget what being that kind of a person really is about. There is nothing like Punk music in the world. Is there a personal favourite fan art from your collection?

A. I'd say its the half portrait of Billie Joe's face

We framed that and hung it on a huge wall

Half-Portrait of Billie Joe Armstrong - Pakhee Jha

Q. I'd say that is one of your best works. Are there any other Punk bands you like?

A. Hell yeah. Apart from Green Day, although they're not particularly punk but I'll say Arctic Monkeys. My Chemical Romance is okay I guess, but Nirvana is absolutely AWESOME. The Beatles are heavenly.

Q. Good taste. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A. 5 years from now, I'll be a badass young lady going to a really amazing art university. AND I'll be taller. At least 5'5 or so. And my art would have gotten crazy good (I hope). And I'll ride horses.

I could say a LOT about what's gonna happen 5 years from now. I'll just say that I hope it's going to be great.

Q. That's a nice way of looking at it. Your art is already crazy good, but I can't wait for it to get even better. Do you have a dream gallery? Where you would like to one day exhibit your art?

A. Weeell, no. I don't even know what I want as a career. Of COURSE its going to be within art, but then, I can take up any stream of art as a career (except for architecture). So I could end up in animation instead of fine arts, you know? And perhaps exhibit my art in very good random galleries. And in Billie Joe's house.

Q. I suppose that's reasonable. Who knows, one day your work might be hanging inside Billie Joe's personal residence. Pakhee, it's been so nice doing this. Thank you so much for doing this with TABIT and for bearing with it being dragged out for a year.

A. And who knows, maybe, hopefully, Billie Joe Armstrong WILL buy a painting of mine and put it up on a nice wall in his house. We'll see. And you're welcome, I enjoyed doing this too.

You can keep in touch with Pakhee's work by following her Google Plus page, which is:

Photo: Eragon and Brom.. i completely destroyed the clouds >_> 
Eragon and Brom - Pakhee Jha

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