Saturday, 19 March 2016

The A Word

Abuse, of all kind, is a very sensitive topic. People prefer not to talk about it. But the thing is, we DO need to talk about it. It's something that's more common than we'd like to think it is. And sometimes, people aren't able to talk about it, to stand up for themselves. Some just bide their time and escape at the first chance they get. The others, are not able to do that. Some of them are killed or can't help but kill themselves and some, aren't able to get justice for what has been done to them.

In Ms Marvel's third volume, Crushed, Kamala Khan meets a specimen of the type of boy her parents expect her to settle down with. What surprises Kamala is that she actually likes like Kamran. He seems perfect. He likes reading, is smart but not egg-headed and shares Kamala's love for old Bollywood movies. And then, Kamala finds out that Kamran had been affected by the Terrigen Mist. She thinks she's found the perfect person...until she finds out how  controlling and narrow minded he actually is.

Kamala, realizes Kamran is not quite the nice person she thought he was. She realizes that her actions shouldn't be answerable to anyone but herself when Kamran is about to hit her for not following his demand. And like every other control-freak, he cannot accept the fact that things hadn't gone his way.

There are millions of Kamrans in the world, irrespective of gender, race, or financial background. They're all the same. They abuse someone or a lot of someones. Some of them don't have a reason for their actions. Some of them have ones to convince themselves of their righteousness. Most of them aren't punished for what they do. And once the victim DOES stand up for him/herself, the perpetrator finds ways to contradict their statement, to emotionally manipulate them, to threaten them. It's not ideally easy to convince the authorities and eventually, the victim starts questioning themselves.

Proclaiming that we need to do something about this does not make a difference. But taking a stand against it does. Schools can conduct workshops to teach students that it's not okay to be hit by people who are supposed to love you; because THAT is not love. Workplaces can teach employees how to get out of an abusive relationship. There are things that can be done Victims need to know that people won't shun them for something they had no hand in. They need to know that there is help available.

The National Abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233 | 1-800- 
1 800 668 6868

Zoe Summers

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