Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A pretty important note

Hey guys!

If you haven't noticed, these past few months, I haven't been writing writing a lot. And part of it was due to a severe case of Writer's Block. And I'm so, so very grateful to anyone who has stuck around and still reads TABIT. Thank you. Now that I've come out of my slump, I promise to write plenty more than I do now. And we have some pretty interesting stuff coming up indeed. For example, TABIT will be celebrating it's 1st anniversary this April! Can you believe it? We survived a WHOLE YEAR. When I first began TABIT, I didn't expect it to have an audience as it has today. I thank my readers from all around the world and hope that you can continue reading it. A special thank you to my American readers, who make a big chunk of my audience: you guys are awesome! And I truly hope that all of you can rally together to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't win.

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Zoe Summers

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