Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Cosmo Interview

From I'm Voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hilary Clinton will be the first female US President.:

In a recent interview for Cosmopolitan, Democrat Presidential Candidate, Hilary Rodham Clinton was asked:

Is this your next Cosmo quiz? It's so hard to choose just one. Most of them have the wrong ideas on the economy, gun violence, criminal justice, voting rights, the environment — issues that shape women's lives in all kinds of ways.
If you look just at the question of reproductive health, it's clear just how dangerous — really truly dangerous — their ideas are. Every single Republican candidate would work to roll back the clock on safe and legal abortion. Some would even prohibit it in cases of rape or incest. We know exactly what that means. When it's harder to get a safe abortion, desperate women will get unsafe abortions. History is very clear on that. If we care about the lives and health of women and girls, we have to protect access to safe and legal abortion. 
And every single Republican candidate has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. That means less funding for mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, HIV tests, and other essential health care that women — especially low-income women — depend on to stay healthy, and even to stay alive. 
I wish the Republican candidates would talk to mothers who caught their breast cancer early because they got screened, thanks to Planned Parenthood. Or young women who avoided unintended pregnancies, and were able to graduate college and start families when they felt more prepared to give their kids a great life. 
So it's a nine-way tie. All the Republican candidates are on the wrong side of this issue. They've all got the wrong ideas about women's health and bodies and autonomy and futures. 
Did you read that? If you haven't, read it again. Read it CAREFULLY. And THAT is why that woman deserves your vote. She highlighted all the points and carefully told all the Republican candidates to go fuck themselves. A woman's body is her own. I don't think a group of misogynistic men should be trusted to make decisions about OUR bodies for US. 

The rest of the interview was pretty good too. She did not insult Bernie Sanders and highlighted all the important points. She did not start making plans for the White House as she is focused on winning.

To me, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Rodham Clinton are the only two candidates I feel are secure to represent our minorities, while keeping the best interests of the rest of the country in mind.

Read her full interview on:

Zoe Summers


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