Thursday, 10 December 2015

Violence against Women OR Why do I even have to stress why this is so important?

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This being the 150th post on this blog, I decided on doing something a little different. For starters, a big thank you to everyone who ACTUALLY reads this blog and makes me so happy. You guys are awesome.

But back to the topic. This subject may not be new to most people. Many may have experienced it themselves or may know someone who's been through it. But there is still a minority, who is convinced that this is not an issue, mostly males (sorry guys, I know all of you don't identify with this).

Violence against women isn't something that has risen up recently. It's been here for millenia. Dare I say, it's been here since the beginning of time. The question is Why and how did this become so prevalent. In this post, I will be attempting to answer that in addition to why we need to stop it.

First off, isn't violence against women violence? Like what makes it different? How does violence against women become a "personal" matter of  the victim? How does it become the victim's fault? Because last I checked, NOBODY likes being beaten up, or being assaulted,both verbally and physically. NOBODY. 

And yes, I do know that there will always be that one asshole who is convinced I'm writing this because I am a women. You're right, I am doing this because I'm a woman. Because I don't like walking on the street feeling constantly afraid. I don't like being pushed in crowds. I don't like being called a bitch because I stand up for myself.

But my problems are NOTHING. And while I don't deny that men are also subjected to the same problems, that gives society no reason to declare that violence against women is no big deal. Because it is. It so is. Do you know how many children are sexually assaulted by their families? 30% of the entire population. Thirty fucking percent. That's three hundred million children. THREE HUNDRED MILLION. And 19.7% of that number are female. That's 60 million. That's right, 60 million girls around the world under the age of fifteen are subjected to sexual abuse. And 30% of those cases are overseen by a family member.

These children are forced to grow up in this condition. For some it never stops. And when it does, they are tormented mentally by this for the rest of their beautiful lives. Tell me, what did they do to deserve this? What? But of course society has no answer to this.

Did you know that recently a ten year old in Brazil gave birth to a child at school. Nobody knew. Her mother thought her growing tummy was normal. Her teacher did not find her sudden weight gain odd. The child thought it was just a regular tummy ache. She was JUST ten years old. Do you have any idea how painful this must have been for her? She could have died. Her body was not prepared for childbirth. And do you know how she got pregnant? Her stepfather assaulted her sexually. Scratch that. Her stepfather raped her. And do you know what the government has to say about this? Investigations are underway. That's right, that child almost died and she still has to live with that monster.

But she's not the only one. Her story is like one entry in an Internet index of all websites existing. For every 107 minutes, a women is raped. And 80% of these victims are under eighteen.

One in four women are subjected to domestic violence. And most of the time they have no other option but to put up with it.

So instead of making fascist claims and racist promises, how about do something about this?

Zoe Summers

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