Monday, 28 September 2015

The Victory of the Arctic (for the time being at least).

Save The Arctic - Created with PixTeller:
If you've been reading this blog from the very beginning; you would know that I'm involved in a struggle called #SaveTheArctic. And after three whole years of fighting, we have WON!

Yes, you read it right; Shell has stopped drilling in the Arctic for oil. So basically, the Arctic is safe until Shell decides to come back (let's hope that never happens again) and wreak havoc again.

I think this victory is owed to all members of Greenpeace who so valiantly fought for those who cannot fight for themselves. Not to mention the Rainbow Warriors and activists all over the world. I also believe that Pope Francis's stand on the current environmental issue was also a major reason for the decision to come.

To think that all the polar bears, the Northern lights, the sharks and the whales are safe is so relieving, not to mention euphoric. Have you ever worked really hard on something? And then when it all falls into place? Know that feeling? Because that's exactly what I'm feeling right now.

To all the naive people of the world who think that Global Warming is a myth and that it shouldn't be taken seriously. I have a message for you. Are you going to realize how real global warming is, or for the matter how SERIOUS it is AFTER the world is destroyed?

Wake up. Wake up. Please. Before it's too late.

Zoe Summers

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