Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The First Year Frenniversary - Foram Pathak

So I feel really weird writing this post. So yeah, maybe I do talk a lot about myself but I don't usually go so deep; and I'm pretty sure talking about my best friend would be like opening a part of myself that I usually keep under lock and key.

So here it goes, even though I'm not going to be good at this. The extremely beautiful girl in the picture above is Foram Pathak, my absolute best friend in the whole world (okay that sounded immature but it is true).

We met this day exactly a year ago. I was in a new town, which I absolutely hated because it was nothing like the city I fell in, and even though I had plenty of experiences in changing schools (the current one is my ninth) I was dreading it. And then, some would call it fate and other bull crap, I sat down on a seat next to this extremely tanned, tall girl with ridiculously long hair sitting next to me, basically analyzing me.

I have this weird tradition that at every new school I'll be really nice and friendly towards everyone to try and read their faces. So, I turned to my left and said Hello in my sweetest (Foram would say squeakiest) voice. She returned my Hello, and we basically did the which school/town are you from banter.

But what really got us connected is Cassandra Clare (our favourite author) and from there a whole new world of topics opened up. We had lots of things in common from books to music to gossip and T.V. shows.

There are many things different about us. For instance, she absolutely adores the Eagles and I can't stand them. I like things fast and crazy and she's the sane responsible person who mothers me every now and then. Then she's the extrovert to my introvert (yes, I stole your line Beyonce), so we basically compliment each other.

We have our own language and it frustrates a lot of people and used to frustrate someone. We basically became soul sisters in the middle of a very boring Physics lecture where we christened all the students of 9th A with code names of their own.

And now I'm basically going to say something cliched about how I had and over - the - top amazing time with her last year. But I did, I really, really did.

She helped through my cyclothymic moods and bad days. She always knows how to cheer me up. She's the only person who is allowed to read my poetry. In short, she's the best best friend a girl could ask for.

I mean, who else tolerates their friend's never ending obsessive campaigns for Greenpeace. Or the ridiculous things I make her try with me like bookmark making phase.

I have no idea where I will be next year but I really do mean it when I say that I don't ever want to loose the friendship we have or let it fade in time. You are bsically the twin sister I never had and I love you to infinity and beyond and back.

Happy Frenniversary! Let's hope our's doesn't turn out like Hannah and Mona's (again, PLL reference beyonce).

Zoe Summers


  1. Aww that's so sweet! I have no idea how difficult it was for you to actually talk about me to so many people. To my bollywood affected best friend Zoe Summers, I LOVE YOU!

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  3. I AM NOT BOLLYWOOD AFFECTED!!!!!!! You are so evil!!

  4. Can't you see the evil horns popping, hon?

  5. They are sticking out longer than Maleficiant's.