Tuesday, 2 June 2015


In 2012, Shell announced its plans to start digging in the Arctic for petroleum. This was met with a mixed response. 

In 2013, they decided to start drilling and environmentalists all over the world went ballistic about it. And for good reason:

1. The drilling will add to the pollution all ready taking place.

2. Millions of marine organisms will be killed, not to mention the melting of the ice caps.

3. The process will speed up the melting of the north pole, which will lead to a significant rise in sea level. Which means all the coastal cities (including Mumbai) will be submerged under water.

4. This would affect our whole lifestyle, rain patterns and vegetation patterns. It would take Global Warming to a whole new level.

5. So we basically will be plunged into disaster after disaster just because of an oil drill.


Is this what we really want? Our whole future destroyed because a company is looking for a way to make more money? Don't we deserve more than this? Apparently some people think we don't.

The world as we know it, would change. Our children won't be able to enjoy our planet, there won't be enough food or drinkable water. It's time we took a stand against this, because no matter how "good" Shell is or how environmentally concerned Shell is, it won't change the fact that it's trying to melt the North Pole!!

Here's how YOU can help:
  • Boycott Shell Petroleum. Stop filling your vehicle fuel with Shell Merchandise.
  • Tweet #NoShell to Shell, if you're on twitter as much as you can.
  • Log on to www.savethearctic.org and sign the petition today.
NOW is the time to act. #GetUpAnd say no to Shell.

Zoe Summers

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