Friday, 26 June 2015

Little Girl In A Big World - MAGIC!

This little gem from MAGIC!'s debut album, was discovered by an extremely exhausted me this morning, when I was looking for fast music to shut the pounding voice in my head begging me to return to bed.

I have this weird habit (among many); whenever I'm sleepy and I need to get out of bed and get rid of the sleepy look on my face, I have to listen to extremely fast music.

This apparently jolts my conscience and I'm a happy-go-lucky koala in no time at all.

Back to the song. I don't have to tell you how amazing this is because I only write about songs, I feel are amazing.

It starts off with some drums and percussion and controlled guitar and then, the tune adjusts itself to the reggae style the band affiliates itself with.

I relate to the song because during the entire duration of the song I feel like it's my dad talking to me. Because all my dad seems to be doing this year is to tell me to get my life in order. Like that's even possible. I thrive in chaos, if you took that away, I don't think there will be anything worthwhile left.

Then there is the chorus:
Long live the queen of all exaggeration, long live the queen
'Cause you're just a little girl in a big, big, big, big world
Let it do, let it do, let it do, do
It is my dad's opinion that no one can compete with me in the field of exaggeration. That's not true, considering the fact that he gives me a run for my money with HIS exaggeration skills.

While the song is extremely awesome and amazing it does bug me on one note:
You're just a little girl in a big, big, big, big world
Let it do, let it do, let it do, do
Let it do, let it do, let it do, do
I don't like people reminding me that I'm immature (even if there's a slight possibility of that being true) or that I'm just a "little" girl. I'd like to hear you say that AFTER I have conquered the world and have you begging for mercy.

Just something to think about....

Happy Friday!

Zoe Summers 

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