Friday, 22 May 2015

Running with the Wolves - Aurora

So this isn't like the normal songs I post on the blog, this is more slow, less head banging, but still every bit as amazing as any other of my favourite songs.

The music starts softly and is very soothing. Like you seem to block out the lyrics and fall in love with the BEAUTIFUL rhythm. It's mesmerizing and you get lost in the beauty of the music.

Then the lyrics, they are poetry. Very beautiful poetry. The song describes how we are all human no matter what we accomplish, we will get hurt.

The narrator is trying to tell us how dangerous our lies and how we go to all pains to disguise it. And I'm completely ruining the song; so here's an excerpt from the song:
Go row the boat to safer grounds
But don't you know we're stronger now
My heart still beats and my skin still feels
My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears
But we're running out of time, time
For the echo's in my mind, cry
There's blood on your lies
Disguised up and wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The haunting moon is shining 
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the wolves tonight
I'm running with the wolves
I'm running with the (wolves)
Beautiful isn't it? She goes on to tell us how we have to keep making choices and how they come back to haunt us later. How we'll have to choose sooner or later; we can't run from it. Its always there. The song also tells us how we'd like to leave everything behind and start all over again. I relate to this song because all my life, I keep running away, not that I'm proud of it.....but shit happens.

If you haven't heard this, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO IT NOW!! Aurora is a very talented musician and her other song, Runaway and Under the Sky is also mindbogglingly beautiful, I will be reviewing them later. Till then.....

Zoe Summers

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