Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Lisbeth Salander Novel Coming Out This September!!

All Stieg Larsson's fans will be delighted to know that Lisbeth Salander is back!!!! Or will be....in September. Written by Swedish crime journalist, David Lagercrantz, it's supposed to come out on the 1st of September 2015. While we're all super excited that there is FINALLY another book series(new books are hard to come by, you know, when their authors are dead) there are a few things we want answers for:

#1:What happened to Camilla Salander? Like seriously, Lisbeth is basically the best hacker in the world. I'm sure she can track her down if she wants to. Okay, I know she despises Camilla, but still....

#2: How did Mikael Blomkvist fall in love with Monica Figuerola so soon? He did love his wife at a time, and Erica Berger too. How does this woman, who burst into his life, make him so insistently loyal to her, when his wife couldn't? It seems very in explainable.

#3: Will there be a back story for Agneta Sofia Salander. Will there be traces of Stockholm Syndrome? When you look at it at a certain angle, Zalachenko does have her captive in a perverse way.

I know not the best questions, but still...

Zoe SUmmers.

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