Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Worst Rickshaw Ride Ever

So, today after my class got dismissed for the day I had to cross the bridge connecting Nerul West to Nerul East and then take a rickshaw for the rest of the journey. For those of you, who don't know what a rickshaw is; it's a mode of public transport, that looks kinda like this:

So, while I was crossing the bridge my Charles and Keith slip ons broke(both of them, not just one shoe) and I had to limp all the way across the bridge. Then, when I FINALLY caught a rickshaw, the shoes completely broke into two and one pair fell into a massive pile of leaves. After wading through the pile and trying to make it stay on my feet, I had to convince the rickshaw wallah to not add an extra 20 bucks to my fare.

What's an extra 20 bucks you ask me, well there is the teensy tiny detail that I was stranded with only 53 Rupees in my wallet. // The plight of a school going kid who wastes all her money on Pepsi and gum. // After grumbling a lot, he dropped me off OUTSIDE my community. Like, my shoes were broken and the roads are not the smoothest roads in the world; not to mention the over speeding motorcycle owners and reckless car driving.
So, I had to hobble all the way to the elevator and then when I reached my apartment and rang the door; my mother dearest opened it with the sweetest scowl she could manage.And after that she preceded to nag me on the subject of "How I Never Study Properly", like I hadn't just come back from spamming my brains with all sorts of knowledge. Judgemental women. I guess Karma really IS a bitch, I shouldn't have hogged the bathroom in my sister's shower designated hour. :(

Zoe Summers

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