Friday, 10 April 2015

List #1: Stupid myths about women we have to deal with everyday.

So, I go to a co-ed high school. And if you're a women or a girl who's in college or high school or working. We face these problems every SINGLE day. And this is actually very annoying. So here we go:

#1: Myth:- We don't swear.
      Truth:- What the actual fuck?

#2: Myth:- We like it when boys open doors for us.
      Truth:- No I don't, I'm perfectly capable of opening a door, it would be nice if you help me when I actually need it, though.

#3: Myth:- We're on our periods every time we're upset or make a valid point.
      Truth:- If you paid attention in Biology class, you'd know that our menstrual period comes only ONCE in a month; not every time we tell you to stop with the bullshit.

#4: Myth:- We would die for chocolate.
      Truth:- Yes, we would.

So basically, those are the four main problems I have with men. Now I know, all members of the male species are not like this, but I'm talking in a general manner.This is my first post, so excuse me for the horrible-ness of the post.


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