Tuesday, 14 April 2015

It Finally Rained

All the people who live in the township of Nerul, in the city of Navi Mumbai were greeted by something very unexpected: rain.

Now, those of you who are Indian, or have ever visited India; know that the rains only come at a particular time of the year. Yeah, I know, global warming. but, nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise. The rain in India, is something of a beautiful miracle. When it hit's you in the face, you want it to keep hitting you. Everything becomes brighter, the leaves become darker and the sound of the rain is like an orchestra; it all has it's own beat.

Everyone loves the rain, some people call it gloomy and annoying; but everyone secretly loves it. The sight is so beautiful, you want to write poetry about it. Or it gives you an excuse to drink hot chocolate when you should stick to your diet. Or read a book when you should be doing Maths. Or comfying up and watching a movie when you should be working. You get the point. So basically when the rain's come, everyone's like; "Fuck the world, it's raining and I have an excuse to be lazy."

So can we please be a little more grateful for rain?
"Es lebe der rain"
Zoe Summers 

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