Friday, 10 April 2015

I'm at The Arctic! Well my name is....

Almost a year ago, I signed a petition protesting against Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic region. For those of you who don't know, drilling for oil in the Arctic is VERY bad news for the Earth. Not only, does it cause pollution and increases global warming, it will also melt a significant chunk of the ice cap. Not to mention, the tons of marine wildlife that will be destroyed due to the activity.

So around last year or so, Greenpeace started a petition to put an end to this. I, along with millions of other people signed this petition to save the Arctic. This delayed things for a while. Then Shell, resumed it's plans for the Arctic oil rig.

On top of that, President Obama has signed the lease giving Shell the right to extract oil from the Arctic. In a recent study, on a random day, THIS year, the temperature in NYC was 7 'C and the temperature in the Arctic was 17 'C. Don't you see how bad the situation is?

A ship containing a brave crew of Greenpeace activists set out to protest against the Shell oil rig. They have braved bad weather, terrible waters and scaled the oil rig, to hang the banner you see in the above picture. The banner contains the names of the people who signed the petition against the oil rig.

Shell, however still resumes it's activities. I know that the average person cannot leave their lives and protest; but it would be nice, if you support us through small gestures that will help us win this battle.

I request all of you to not boycott Shell and all of it's products. Do spread the word about this and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Further, go like Greenpeace on Facebook and spread the word. Remember, we cannot eat oil and money, so it should be our utmost importance to protect our Utopia.

Zoe Summers

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