Friday, 17 April 2015

Daffy Duck, Happy 78th!

Today, one of the greatest animated creations in the history of animation turns 78 years old. You are perfect and truly a gift to humanity. Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to be absolutely and completely in love with yourself. You taught me that there is NOBODY as perfect as I am. That the world will keep judging you and you shouldn't give zero fucks about it.  Thank you for teaching me how to live my life the way I am. I know you are the most imperfect person around, somehow that makes you even more perfect. Thank you for making my childhood so beautifully amazing. Thank you for making me laugh every time I was in the worst of the deepest, dirtiest dumps. Thank you, for being you Armando 'Daffy' Sheldon Dumas. I love you and will continue loving you, forever and always. Happy Birthday and keep being awesome.

Zoe Summers

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